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For every birder out there, the sound of birds is nature's symphony. And at Te Aroha, you can listen to this music round the year. With its rich diversity of flora and fauna, and a terrain which varies from the beautiful Oak and Rhododendron to Pine forests, Dhanachuli - home to Te Aroha - is a perfect destination for avid birders, or the enthusiastic naturalist seeking to enjoy the regions rich bird life. Birds reside in abundance on the fruit and wild trees that inhabit the Te Aroha mountain. On the Rhododendrons at the rim of Te Aroha, clouds of Grey Bush chats, Blue-capped Rock and Streaked Laughing Thrushes chatter away. Scarlet Minivets compete with Blue-fronted Redstart on the tree tops, while Warblers and Babblers whoosh overhead.
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Birding in Tearoha